Daily Life


  • Din Charya (daily regimen)
  • Ritu Charya ( seasonal regimen – summer, winter, autumn, monsoon)

Din Charya

Human life span is the sum total of days. Nature has blessed human body with an in-built rhythm called biological clock or dosha predominance at a particular day time. Like morning is the time for kapha predominance hence, exercising in the morning takes care of kapha derangement. In the noon, pitta dominates, hence we feel hungry. One should have healthy lunch so as to avoid pitta derangement.

Day time Regimen

  • 1.Getting up in the morning– One should get up early in the morning (Braham Muhurta) preferably between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. It saves one from kapha One should not jump out of bed right away after getting up. Spend a few minutes in bed. Let the body get accustomed to the surrounding temperature.
  • 2.Taking care of the body– drink a glassful of fresh water on empty stomach, this facilitates easy elimination. Also several toxins get flushed out.
  • Colonic irrigation is considered a good way to ensure health.
  • 3.Evacuation of the bowel– answer to nature’s call daily ensures effective removal of wastes from the body. It is vital for proper appetite.
  • 4.Instillation of nasal drops (nasya)– 2-3 drops of oil-mustard/sesame/coconut/almond oil should be applied in the nostrils. It forms a protective layer over the nasal lining and prevents several allergens from coming in contact with the nasal lining.
  • 5.Care of teeth (dant dhawan)– Dental care is done by chewing the twig of plants like neem, kikkar babbool, miswak. It is very effective in keeping the environment of the mouth healthy
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  • 6.Oral care (kawal/gandush dharan/jivah lekhan)– afterwards tongue should be scraped properly. Herbal decoction or little amount of oil is held in the mouth.
  • 7.Massage (sharir snehan)– applying oil all over the body after bath keeps the body supple, skin remains wrinkle free. Applying oil on the head keeps hair and nervous system healthy.
  • 8.Exercise (vyayam)– good exercise keeps the body and mind fit. Yoga, pranayams are the best form of exercise.
  • 9.Bathing (dhaawan)– bathing cleanses, energizes the body. It effectively removes body wastes like sweat.

Ratri Charya (Night Regimen)

  • 1.Nidra/Tandra– State of drowsiness. Exhausted body and exhausted mind make the senses withdraw from their subjects.

  • 2.Swapan– State of dreaming while sleeping.

  • 3.Shabda Pariksha (Voice examination)

  • 4.Sushupti– deep/soud sleep.

  • 5.Turiya awastha– transcendental state. When a person transcends all these states. It is restful awareness.

One should have light supper, relax and offer prayers to God before retiring. Bed should be neat, clean and comfortable.

While sleeping, head should either be in east direction or south direction.